Cala Gonone Jazz Festival

Cala Gonone Jazz

A truly thrilling July is on the cards, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Intermezzo Nuoro Association, which after coordinating a long season of art events is getting ready to start up again with the oldest and most representative of the dates on the calendar: the Cala Gonone Jazz Festival, now in its 29th edition.
Once again this year, the Festival will be an outstanding showcase, thanks both to the sophisticated programme and to its ability to skilfully and successfully blend all the distinctive elements it is made up of, starting from the music and the desire to safeguard and celebrate the local area, with its culture and traditions.

The three concert venues will once again this year form the heart of the festival: the captivating auditorium of the Bue Marino Caves, with its age-old allure, for the morning shows; the Aquarium in the evening, where the views out over the Gulf of Orosei are the perfect complement to the chance to taste some typical produce of the Dorgali area and able to create a sensory bond with the music that visitors can enjoy as they await the grand finale at the Municipal Theatre of Cala Gonone, which hosts the major events.

This is the fil rouge that links the most significant aspects of the festival organised each year with boundless, constantly nurtured enthusiasm and dedication, even in the face of difficulty. The passion invested anew in the festival at each edition is amply and naturally repaid in the simplest of gestures, first and foremost the island’s proverbial sense of hospitality and the involvement of the local institutions, which not only provide logistic support, but also play an active part in promoting and publicising those aspects that are the essence of our island. The added value of this awesome process lies in the opportunity for visitors to the Cala Gonone Jazz Festival to discover the potential bubbling away beneath the surface of the island, by strengthening ties of inestimable value, thanks to which we are a top location for the finest concerts in Sardinia, as well as other cultural events in the field of literature and the visual arts, two sectors we seek to cultivate with the dedication they deserve.

It is important to mention and to thank all those who have made the festival possible: the Regional Department for Entertainment and Culture; the Regional Department for Tourism, Arts & Crafts and Trade, the Municipal Council of Dorgali; Fondazione di Sardegna; our long-standing partnership with Cantina Dorgali and Dorgali Dairy; the New Maritime Transport Consortium; the management of the Bue Marino Grottos and the Aquarium of Cala Gonone.

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