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The prestigious Cangrande “Benemeriti della Viticoltura Italiana” award represents the culmination of a process of evolution that began in the 1950s..

This hugely important accolade for Dorgali and for our wine-growers was presented by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, and was awarded on the indications of the Regional Departments for Agriculture, which put forward the names of the businesses whose professional or entrepreneurial endeavours have made a contribution to boosting the quality of vines and wines in their regions and in Italy.

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Hereunder the announcement of the president Lino Fancello:

To be honest, our Vinitaly experience this year has been one of the most important and intense moments of my professional life.

Receiving our President Sergio Mattarella congratulations was a unique and indescribable emotion. An emotion I share with all the managers, associates, employees and partners of Cantina Dorgali.

The Cangrande “Benemeriti della Viticoltura Italiana” is the most important and prestigious award in our sector: it is conferred to those professionals and companies who contributed to the improvement of viticulture and wine production quality in their region.

This year, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Vinitaly, it's entitled to its founder Angelo Betti.

The Cangrande “Benemeriti della Viticoltura Italiana” we received is the award for all those who believed in the decision we made, those who believed that the path we started 9 years ago was the right one; I think there is no better alternative to this process of change and renewal.

It's not easy for a cooperative to stand out from the national wine scene: indeed, we are the unique cooperative that has been rewarded.

I'd like to quote the meaningful words our Agriculture Assessor Elisabetta Falchi said during the prize-giving ceremony at Vinitaly: "The high quality of Cantina Dorgali production, which has been highlighted by many awards in recent years, is the result of the hard work and committment of its associates: thanks to gradual investments they've been able to make the business company functional and productive, while staying focused on what's important to make a wine special. We can not forget to mention the social role of this cooperative in its territory, that includes 10 municipalities close to Dorgali: it represents a model of enterprise aggregation, a chain that works fine and knows how to sell its own products in Italy and abroad."

Below is a list of the awards and accolades Cantina Dorgali has obtained from 1961 to the present:

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