Spumante di Cannonau

spumante cannonau

Cantina Dorgali is aware of the guiding role it is called upon to maintain on the Sardinian wine scene, and has often been the first to introduce new products that have been warmly received by the market and have made an important contribution to enriching the island’s wine industry.
"Rosa e Luna" and "Nues" - two sophisticated, delicate Cannonau spumante wines - are excellent representatives of the innovative aspect of our business.

Boasting the same elegant pinkish tinge as a rose, "Rosa e Luna" was conceived for the hotel and catering market, and differs from Nues in terms of the process used, matured for a month on the lees.

Nues, which can be purchased in both rosé and white spumante versions, can be found in all large retail chains. Both our spumante wines are ideal for an aperitif and to accompany all courses except for dessert. They are especially suitable for accompanying raw fish, seafood starters, seafood and other first courses, white meats and medium-mature cheeses.

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