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Our winery is located in one of the most beautiful places in Sardinia, in an area stretching from the Supramonte mountains to the Gulf of Orosei. The little town of Cala Gonone is the beating heart of the local tourist industry, a perfect complement to the farming and craftsmanship tradition of the Dorgali area. A popular destination with climbing and diving aficionados from all over Europe and a favourite holiday choice for nature and seaside lovers in general, Dorgali offers visitors an authentic slice of Sardinian life, as well as the warm hospitality the island is famous for.

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Come and join us at the Cantina Dorgali wine cellar to sample one of our wines, and for a chance to find out more about our Cannonau.

The shop is open:
- from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Reservations required for wine tastings and guided tours:
Tel. +39.0784 96143 (int.5)
Cell. +39 348 4928430
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Centri di Interesse a Dorgali

  • Acquario di Cala Gonone

    Acquario di Cala Gonone

    Via La Favorita
    08022 Cala Gonone - Dorgali (NU)
    Tel. +39.0784.920052 - +39.0784.93047
    L'acquario della Sardegna

  • Museo della Foca Monaca C.E.A.

    Museo della Foca Monaca C.E.A.

    Viale Bue Marino, 1
    08022 - Cala Gonone (NU)
    Tel. +39.346.0366858
    AM 9:30-12:30 PM 16:30-23:30 inverno solo AM

  • Museo Salvatore Fancello

    Museo Salvatore Fancello Umberto 37, casa Dore
    08022 Dorgali (NU)
    AM 9.30-12.30 PM 17.00-20.00 lunedì chiuso - INGRESSO GRATUITO

  • Museo Archeologico Dorgali

    Museo Archeologico Dorgali

    Via Lamarmora
    08022 Dorgali (NU)
    Tel/Fax: 0784/96721 - Cell. 338.8341618 - 349.4425552-3-4-8
    Il museo archeologico è ospitato nei locali delle scuole elementari in via Lamarmora

  • Parco Museo S'abba Frisca

    Parco Museo S'abba Frisca

    Strada comunale Dorgali-Cartoe
    08022 Cala Gonone - Dorgali (NU)
    cell.+39.335.6569072 +39.339.1464112
    orari: AM: 9:00-12:00 PM: 15:00-19:00 - estate aperto-inverno su prenotazione

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